Be it ‘Gagapanda’ or Lady Gaga, her ‘dream’ is to have panda babies!

London: Looks like Lady Gaga, who says that she loves Japan, might have confused the nation’s tradition with its neighbour China, when she appeared on Japanese television dressed as China’s native animal panda and declared that her dream is to have panda babies.

“I really like pandas. Pandas have paws, and I always tell my fans to put their paws up. I’ve been eating a lot of bamboo this week,” the Daily Mail quoted her as telling the show.

She also added later in the show that ‘one day having panda babies’ is one of her dreams.

However, it is unclear whether she thought she was paying tribute to Japan, or just had the whim to become ‘Gagapanda’.

The ‘Born This Way’ singer arrived on the show appearing in a black and white outfit with her hair in two buns and wearing sunglasses.

She kept the glasses on for a minute to build suspense before dramatically removing them to reveal her heavy black eye make-up.

It has emerged that she has also started referring to herself as ‘Gagapanda’ on Twitter.


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