Beggar’s family tears Paris’s $100 into pieces!

Mumbai: Hollywood socialite Paris Hilton, who had given a $100 note to a beggar on the streets of Mumbai, might have thought her generous present might improve the life of the woman seeking alms at least for a few days.

But the poor woman in question could not make any use of the money. Why? It was torn into pieces by her brother-in-law.

Ishika wondered what the $100 was when it was handed over to her by the American business woman. So she asked people around her if they could give her change in exchange of the American currency.

Reportedly, the poor woman had a fight with her family members who claimed their share from the note. And when they weren’t able to arrive at any conclusion, her brother-in-law tore it into pieces to permanently bring the fight to an end.

Talking to a daily, Ishika said, “The note was destroying the peace of the household, so he tore it in anger.”

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