Being an icon is a full-time job: Isabella Rossellini

London: Model-actress Isabella Rossellini, who famously starred in David Lynch`s 1986 film `Blue Velvet`, says being a Hollywood icon is a big job.

Isabella, who is the daughter of the late Italian film director Roberto Rossellini and Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman, said that glitzy showbiz events are an exhausting affair, the Financial Times reported.

"The red carpet has become like a parallel business. The next day, there are TV programmes, and magazines, and it`s all `Do you like the dress or not like the dress?` and `Did she look fat?`

"To keep borrowing dresses and jewellery is like a full-time job. And you have to be a fantasy, which you can never be, so you always feel depressed. To be an icon is a big job ? it`s beyond acting. And sometimes it pays and sometimes it doesn`t," Isabella said.

The 60-year-old, who is basically retired save for her commitment to Bulgari. She is their autumn/winter face.

Isabella left New York and moved to Long Island where she raises guide dogs and does farming. She is also studying for a degree in animal studies at New York University and will graduate in May.


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