Being bullied stays with you your whole life: Lady Gaga

London: Lady Gaga has confessed that she can still feel the pain of being bullied as a teenager.

“Being bullied stays with you your whole life and no matter how many people are screaming your name or how many number one hits you have, you can still wake up and feel like a loser,” the Daily Express quoted the flamboyant singer telling ‘Time Out’ magazine.

“It’s part of the whole internet culture. People want you to fail. People want to tear me down,” she continued.

However, Gaga also added that she would be remembered for her bravery despite the bullies.

“The good news is that when they look back, they’ll all remember how brave I was: She put out a record about being yourself, and we crucified her for it – but she soared on and sat at number one for six weeks,” the 25-year-old star said.


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