Ben Affleck bossed around by daughters at home

Los Angeles: Hollywood heartthrob Ben Affleck says that he occupies the lowest position in his family`s pecking order and his young daughters often boss him around.

The `Pearl Harbour` actor who has two daughters, Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 20 months, with wife Jennifer Garner, said that he is treated like a serf at home, reported People magazine online.

"I just know what it`s like to be a serf that just does things. I take orders from people that cannot speak. And yet still they are higher up on the food chain than I am," said the 38-year-old actor.

The actor said that sharing a house with three women gets tough.

"I have three women in the house. I get to be wrong three times a day," he joked but said that he would not change a thing.

"I am madly in love. I have the best family. I could not be luckier," said Affleck.

The Oscar winner, whose sophomore directorial effort, `The Town` will open this Friday, said that he is in a wonderful stage of life right now.

"I really have come right to the place where I was supposed to be. You`ve got to knock wood. I`ve gone around and I`ve taken some rights and lefts and found myself at a place that is really wonderful, and that I`m really grateful for," he said.