Ben Stiller is haunted by ghosts

Los Angeles: Hollywood funnyman Ben Stiller says that he believes in ghosts and has lived in houses haunted by spirits.

The actor-filmmaker who recently moved from Los Angeles to the Big Apple to star in the Broadway play `The House of Blue Leaves`, is uneasy living in the suburbs because he is "aware of ghosts", reported Ace Showbiz online.

"I have a little thing with quietness and spirits. I`m aware of ghosts. I sort of believe in ghosts, and my wife doesn`t. She`s afraid of axe murders," said `Meet The Parents` star.

"We rented a house in Los Angeles a few years ago, that something had gone on in, because the caretaker of the house was a little bit loopy. She had called to check on us a few days in and she said, `How`s it going? Have you had any experiences?` "And I said `No`, and she goes `Well when I stayed there every morning I woke up at 4.43 am for three weeks straight. And I got buzzed on the intercom a few times and I heard a few doors slam. And then one morning at about 4.48 am in the morning I heard a party going on downstairs, a full on
party with Charleston music playing and people mingling`," said the 48-year-old actor.

Though Stiller insists he hasn`t seen any ghosts himself, the actor reveals his parents Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara once rented a home in Nantucket that was supposedly haunted by a young baby named Stanley Benjamin.


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