Bengali celebrities hail Mamata Banerjee`s victory

Mumbai: A one-woman army, a patient fighter, people`s person - Bengali film personalities are lauding Mamata Banerjee`s Trinamool Congress-led alliance historic win in West Bengal in various ways. They feel her victory has been scripted like a potboiler.

She defeated the Left Front that ruled the state for 34 years.

This is what the celebs have to say:

Bappi Lahiri: I`m more qualified to speak about Mamata Didi`s victory than anyone else. I was physically present in Bengal to campaign for three of her candidates Debashree Roy, Ashok Dev and Brij Mohan. I even went to Sundarban for Debashree. Everywhere that I went there was no red flag. It was the Trinamool Congress all the way. Then and there, I knew change was on the way in Bengal. I`ve supported Sonia Gandhiji for eight years. Now I am happy that another woman has come into power. Mamata Didi is the avatar of Goddess Durga.

Rohit Roy: I`ve been in Kolkata for the past three months shooting a Bengali film and have witnessed the burning desire for change first-hand. It was a foregone conclusion that Didi would come to power. I`m personally very happy she has won. She`s a people`s person and has brought a lot of changes in West Bengal. She has driven the state forward economically, something the Left has failed to do in decades! I expect a sea-change in Kolkata.

Mithun Chakraborty: She deserves the thumping victory. She has worked, worked and worked honestly. I completely empathize with her struggle to emerge a winner. Do you know, she had got only one seat in the last Lok Sabha elections? I think it was the complacency, arrogance and over-confidence of others that worked to Mamata Banerjee`s advantage. She`s a one-woman army. Her ability to stand up for what she believes in is truly exemplary.

Chandan Roy Sanyal: I think it is the end of the war of the sexes. Now `Dada` moves over. Didi takes over. Bengali saris are back in vogue.

Prosenjit Chatterjee (Bengal`s reigning superstar): It`s a great success indeed and common people like us will expect some good work. Everyone who voted for her has a lot of faith in her.

Koena Mitra: Capricorn woman, Bengal`s chief minister and a fighter who never lost patience. I am truly happy for her and her supporters. Hope Pashchim Bangal`s new chief minister shows the magic that she has promised her believers for the future.

Sohail Sen (music director): I`m really happy that she won the elections. She helps the ones who really need help. She is one of the cleanest politicians we have in our country. I wish her all the best and I hope that we get more politicians like her in our country.

Tanishtha Chatterjee: I think the younger people saw this change coming in West Bengal. In a democratic country, West Bengal functioned as an autocracy. I hope the change is for the better and brings progress to the state. It is interesting that the change in the one-man rule in Bengal has come at a time when the Middle East is repudiating autocracy.

Pritish Nandy: Mamata`s victory is historic. After almost 40 years a Communist government was overthrown and decimated by one adamant woman who refused to be cowed down by the ruling regime`s political might and their threats. Now the challenge is to make Bengal catch up with the rest of India and regain its past glory. Can she do it?

Tanushree Dutta: I`m not much into politics. But it is surprising to see that the CPM has given way to the Mamata regime by such a huge majority after a 35-year domination. Mamta is the first woman CM of Bengal. Change is always welcome. It opens up the possibility of a bright future.

Kumar Sanu: Yes, everybody needed a change. Mamatadi is a genuine politician. Her honesty will speeden the process of Bengal`s growth. And that`s what we need. Thank you, Didi.

Amit Kumar (Kishore Kumar`s son): It`s a historic win. Toppling a powerful Left government after 34 years. Great! Now we have to see how she anchors her government.

Sudipto Chattopadhyay (director `Pankh`): This victory has been scripted like a potboiler. The enemies of the state have been decimated.

Anurag Basu: Friday the 13th will remain engraved in Buddha babu (Jyoti Basu) and his party comrades` bitter memories for a long time. And they will try hard to make matters tough for Mamata Didi. It`s a rough sea ahead for her. But the people of Bengal are filled with new hope and will make sure her sailing is smooth.

Nandana Sen: I grew up in the era of Jyoti Basu. So this is a huge political and cultural change. It`s the people`s verdict and I`ve the greatest faith in the wisdom of our people. I`m extremely optimistic.


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