Big B attends nature`s call in temple loo!

Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan couldn`t have got more adventurous than this! Stuck in Mumbai`s endless traffic, the megastar rushed to a restroom in a nearby temple to attend nature`s call, without getting caught!

The 68-year-old took to his public blog to describe his plight Friday evening while returning to his Juhu home.

"Sitting in the car for an endless period of time causes other problems as well...You need to get to the ..errr.. euphemism?? Came a moment when it was simply uncontrollable. I just had to get to a washroom!" Amitabh posted on his blog Friday night.

"But where? And how? Stuck in the middle of nowhere in traffic that looks like an enlarged parking lot, full. invent! Got off the car and before passers by could realise who it was...`Arre...isn`t that Amitabh? No! No...what he be doing walking the streets!`

"I fortunately discovered a small temple by the road and charged in asking for the toilets. A somewhat dazed security quite involuntarily pointed to the back of the structure and I just made it in time before I burst open! The hazards of weak bladdered humans!" he added.

It was at this time that Amitabh missed the van he was gifted by late filmmaker Manmohan Desai.

"...the first of its kind in the industry - seats, make-up facility, bed, toilet, the works... never faced any problem till I had it. Now apparently they have nappies for elders too!" he wrote.