Big B talks about the days when he earned Rs 500 a month

Mumbai: Those who crib about low salary when at the beginning of the career, take heart. Amitabh Bachchan earned a measly Rs 500 in his first job.

Perhaps Rs 500 did not seem so measly in the sixties. "Kolkata...Calcutta then...first job as executive in Bird & Co.,.. salary Rs 500 per month, after cuts etc Rs 460!!," Bachchan said on twitter on Wednesday.

"Those were the days my friend...the first salary, and the first feel of being independent...those days will never return ..pity !!," he said.

Kolkata is a place the 68-year-old actor always looks forward to visit. It the place where the Big B got his first job before making it big in the film industry.

"Just landed in Kolkata for promo of `Aarakshan` ... so nostalgic! Spent 7 years of my early life in this great city. All the familiar haunts, the streets, the restaurants, the
people, the air, environment ..had landed here in 1962 to look for a job!," Bachchan said.

Big B worked for a shipping firm called Bird and Co before switching tracks and making his debut in `Saat Hindustani` in 1969. In 1973, he got his first hit `Zanzeer` which established his `angry young man` image.


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