Big B to get a copyright for his famous baritone

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: As of now there are no copyright laws for voices, but if Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan has his way, a new law might just see the light of day. Big B has made up his mind to get his famous voice patented. Sources confirm that a tobacco commercial using his rich baritone to promote their brand triggered Big B to go ahead with his decision to copyright his voice.

Expressing his angst over the alleged use of his voice for tobacco promotion, Big B posted on his blog, “Not only is this unethical and wrong, it paints me in bad light as well... For someone that does not smoke or propagate smoking or any kind of intoxicant... it is most disgusting to find someone conflagrating the law of the land.”

Big B added in his blog, “Work in this direction is in process,” and he went on illustrating that this practice of using actor’s image to promote various brands has become rampant and it needs to be capsized.

Bachchan particularly voiced his concern against caricatured images that are used for commercial gain without our permission and something which he completely detested. Hence, the decision to protect his voice.

Amitabh commented that he would have no problem in the use of his voice, but contractual obligations have to be brought in to protect his image.