Bipasha`s clinical approach towards films

Mumbai: Bipasha Basu`s first huge film of the year ‘Players’ bombed at the box office, but this hasn`t affected her career. She has moved on.

"I am very clinical towards my films. Once the film is released, I am disconnected. Move on to your next because that`s your next passion that you work for. You can just about work in a film, promote that you can`t do anything and after that you have to move on," she said.

However, she confessed that she regrets doing few films in the beginning of her career.

"I don`t think I have made too many mistakes. I pretty much loved the experience of every film that I have worked on. It`s just for the couple of few in the first three years I have done some bizarre work like `Ishq Hai Tumse`, `Gunaah`, `Nehle Pe Dehla` and `Rudraksh`...I don`t want to see them also," she said.