Blake Lively made ‘cupcakes’ to ‘sabotage’ co-star Ryan Reynolds!

Sydney: Blake Lively made cupcakes and brownies to ‘sabotage’ her co-star Ryan Reynolds during the shoot of ‘Green Lantern’.

“‘I remember we were on a night shoot, out in a swamp somewhere in Louisiana, and Blake wasn’t working that night,’” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted producer Don de Line as saying.

“We were all still getting to know each other and all of a sudden we see this gorgeous, glamorous, young actress coming walking across the swamp and she’s got baskets on her arms and it’s three in the morning.

“She’s in heels looking like a million bucks and she’s made cupcakes and brownies and baked all these things and brought them out for the crew. It was really extraordinary,” recalled Line.

However, the secret behind the cakes and brownies came to the forefront when the blonde 23-year-old said, “It was just a way to sabotage Ryan Reynolds.”

“Because I felt like it’s not fair that he was working out so much; I’m the girl and I’m supposed to look better, so I tried to sabotage him with cupcakes and smiles!” she added.


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