Bollywood expresses its love for Anna Hazare

Spicezee Bureau:

Mumbai: When children, youth and old irrespective of caste, creed and financial standing have expressed their support and have shown solidarity towards crusader against corruption, Anna Hazare and his team, how could Bollywood keep away from the ongoing national movement?

People from the film fraternity have expressed their support to the 74 year old Gandhian and have been using Twitter as a platform to vent out their anger towards the government’s stand on Anna’s demand for a Jan Lokpal Bill. Here’s what the celebs have had to say through their tweets:

Amitabh Bachchan: 'Jodi tor dak shune kayu na aashe tobe ekla chalo re' ..!! When no one hears your call, walk alone .. Gurudev Tagore ..

Shekhar Kapur: Anna is riding a tiger of d aspirations of Indian Ppl. If he does nt deliver they will find some1 else. The next 1 may nt b as peaceful. Indians hve discovered 'people power'. No going back now. Let's hope d energy stays focussed

Anupam Kher: Landed in Udaipur. Now to Jodhpur for Samir Karnik's Char Din Ki Chandni. Like millions, even at work my 100% support for ANNA continues.

Gul Panag: What should we make of the UPA govt's management of Anna Hazare's agitation?

Rajat Kapoor: How to channelize the positive & constructive emotions that so many of us feel -for a better nation.. Sometimes silence speaks a thousand words, Most other times it might be necessary to communicate...

Arshad Warsi: We all support u Anna..

Kunal Kohli: The support for Anna across the country from the youth and society at large should be an eye opener for everyone

Ranvir Shorey : AnnaHazare represents the aspirations of the Indian people to break free from the vicious cycle of a corrupt political system.

Siddharth: Rahul Gandhi helped in anna's release. I love the "good cop bad cop" theme in this govt.

And this is how celebs had condemned Anna's arrest early Tuesday morning much before his anshan.

Minnisha Lamba posted, “Happy I-Day India! Gr8 goin by ARRESTING #AnnaHazare.. Show d world how ready we r 2be a superpower! India NOT Shining.”

Vishal Dadlani of musical duo Vishal-Shekhar tweeted, “They`ve arrested Anna Hazare. Bad move, Government. BIG mistake! You`ve made yourselves look dictatorial, and Anna, even more of a martyr!”

The composer further added, “Whoever wins this battle, WE get an imperfect law! Either a draconian law, prone to misuse(Anna`s draft), OR a toothless one(Govt.`s draft).”

Model turned actor Milind Soman posted “Of course:)there were also Indians who didn`t support Quit India movement:)Stand up and Fight corruption in the best way U know,but FIGHT!!”

Actress Bipasha Basu gave her full support to Anna and said, “Anna Hazare needs to be supported to kill the `Demon` called `Corruption` that is eating up our Country!

Ace photographer Atul Kasbekar tweeted, “Whether one agrees wt Anna Hazare or his tactics, no one in their right mind could possibly fall for a story that he is corrupt.”

Actor R Madhavan said, “Is the Govt afraid, that like the right to Info bill, passing the Lok Pal too may come back to bite them in their posterior.”

Purab Kohli has decided to support Anna and would peacefully protest against his arrest. He tweeted, “Im going to go to peacefully protest the arrest of Anna Sahib Hazare. Someone who is fighting peacefully day and night for ME.”

Thinking filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap and Shekhar Kapur questioned the credibility of the government. Kashyap tweeted, “Congress,by use of force is just reaffirming the negative view people have of their governance and gives more credibility to the accusations”.

Shekhar Kapur also had similar views. He posted on twitter, If #Annahazare is not allowed peaceful Satyagraha then we r not a tru Democracy.”

Anupam Kher who has been actively involved in the movement since the beginning urged everyone to maintain peace. The actor tweeted, "The MOST important thing for all of us to remember is to keep this protest absolutely PEACEFUL. That is what ANNA wishes."

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