Bollywood promotes green Ganesh Chaturthi!

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Mumbai: It is that time of the year when the whole country gets soaked in their spiritual love and affection towards Lord Ganesha. In this auspicious occasion, the B-town actors have urged people to opt for eco-friendly Ganeshas in order to keep the environment clean and healthy.

Ganesh Chaturthi sees enthusiastic followers all over India bringing the god home, worshiping him for ten days and eventually the Visarjan (immersion) takes place in the end of this period.

Some stars shared their ritual practice of this festival and how they make sure that Mother Nature is not harmed by using Ganeshas made out of bio-degradable materials.

Akshay Kumar
We bring home Ganpati every year, but this time we won`t be in Mumbai to celebrate the festival. I completely promote eco-friendly Ganpatis and I suggest people only bring home murtis that are made of bio-degradable materials. Our seas become deadly during that time of year for marine life. God doesn`t want us harming anything in order to worship him, therefore I plead with people to have a heart and protect our environment. Live, love, and pray, and let`s not destroy our planet. How much can one planet take? It`s heart-breaking to know that our religious festival is causing so much harm to our already suffering environment.

Bipasha Basu
I am all for eco-friendly Ganpatis. Year after year, our country celebrates Ganpati festival and we all unite to celebrate with joy. However, when we bid adieu to our favourite Lord, we end up polluting the environment. And that is definitely not what God would want us to do. I am happy that the concept of eco-friendly Ganpati idols is catching up in full force this season and that there will be lesser pollution this year. Let each one of us do our bit and contribute to save the environment.

Deepika Padukone
Lord Ganesha is our family God and every year I look forward to this particular festival. Bringing eco-friendly Ganeshas home is extremely important because if we are worshipping God we must also protect nature, which is His creation. As human beings, it is in our interest to protect the environment and it`s also in line with our faith. I also find clay idols more aesthetic.

Sunil Shetty
I love nature and support eco-friendly Ganpatis. I own a water sports club on Chowpatty beach and every year after immersion I see the amount of pollution created by the plastic, non-biodegradable Ganpati statues. Often I see an arm or foot in the water, which is then trampled upon by people who walk on the beach. People do puja for 7-11 days and then trample on the deity. The fish are half-dead with the toxic materials and oil paints from the statues, apart from the flowers and plastic bags floating around. It takes almost six weeks to clear up everything.

John Abraham
The people have to take the initiative themselves and bring home eco-friendly Ganpati themselves. The government is sitting on this also as they usually do. The idea is to keep the beaches and water clean after the immersion.

Shilpa Shetty
I support green Ganpatis completely. I bring home a replica of Lalbaug Ka Raja but they can`t make an eco-friendly one in that mould (I had asked them) as only small Ganpatis are available in that mould.

Tusshar Kapoor
We bring home Ganpati every year so I think it`s a superb idea to get eco friendly Ganpati since religion must go hand in hand with the welfare of the environment. I believe such idols are also better for the seas and marine life.

Arpita Khan
I have been supporting eco-friendly Ganpati for the last five years. It`s important to have have eco-friendly Ganpatis to reserve our environment which includes the sea.

With your favorite stars following green Ganesha practice we hope you do the same and have a brilliant festive time, Cheers!

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