Bollywood stars on Indian Mujahideen radar?

Zee Media Bureau/Ritika Handoo

New Delhi: The recent revelation made by Tehsin Akhar alais Monu, the Indian Mujahideen (IM) man that they were planning a fidayeen attack on the Bollywood stars has left everyone startled.

The IM leader who was the man-in-charge of the terror outfit post Yasin Bhatkal`s arrest made this shocking revelation before the police authorities.

The reason behind this terror-plot happens to be the fact that Bollywood stars promote nudity on screen and influence young minds. Tehsin said that it was Yasin who wanted to mastermind this particular plan. He believed that film stars should be targeted in huge number or in a social gathering so that maximum harm could be done.

Well, this is perhaps not the first time that such an incident has come to light. In early nineties, the film industry was constantly under the underworld threat. But a terror organisation has for the first time been exposed of planning such a blatant attack on the film stars.

However, it had subsided over the years, now Tehsin`s such a revelation has surely raised many eyebrows regarding the safety of our own celebs.