Bollywood stars tweet for men in blue

Spicezee Bureau

New Delhi: The mother of all matches is here! The entire nation has literally come to a standstill for the much awaited India Pakistan World Cup match. And our Bollywood celebs have joined the bandwagon as well!

Like all Indians, stars are busy cheering for the men in blue. Some live, at Mohali and some via the micro blogging site Twitter.

While celebrities like Aamir Khan, Suniel Shetty and Preity Zinta are attending the match at Mohali, stars like Sonakshi Sinha, Priyanka Chopra, Neha Dhupia, Hrithik Roshan will be watching the match on TV in between shoots.

Preity announced on Twitter last night about her plans of watching the match at Mohali. The actress tweeted, “Really excited to go to Mohali for the match tomorrow. This game is going to be a wicked one.... All the Best to the Boyz in Blue ! Ting :-)”

Actor Vivek Oberoi is also watching the match at Mohali and tweeted about the weather there, “Just landed in mohali----i`ve never seen so many aircrafts waiting to land on one small airstrip!!! INDIA all the wayyyyyyy!!!”

Hottie Priyanka Chopra would be shooting in Mumbai and hence catching the match on TV. The actress tweeted “We got your back boys.... A billion + prayers and wishes. Just do what you do best.... Make us proud! Jai Hind”

Dabangg actress tweeted, “MATCH DAY!!! Good luck to both teams. Show us ur best side. Give us a great match!”

Actor Arshad Warsi would unfortunately be missing the match as he would be traveling. But ‘Circuit’ wished the men in blue. “Unfortunately I`ll miss the match as I`ll be in air when the match is on... My gut feel is that India is winning... Yaaaaaaa”

Actress Shipla Shetty is all nerves and is very anxious about the match and tweeted, “In Dubai, SL it is in the Finals (watchd the match)! Can`t wait for tomw. Butterflies in my stomach,wonder wat r players must go thru,shudder!”

Kunal Kapoor had an interesting tweet. The handsome actor tweeted, “Had a chance to hve a chat with the legendary Imran Khan about the Indo Pak rivalry a couple of weeks back.. I told him, its not as crazy.. as it used to be. And he said, jus wait till the next one, it ll be more intense than ever. He was spot on!! The tension is unbearable!”

Well couldn’t agree more! And now, let the game begin!