Bong bombshell Bipasha chants Gayatri Mantra on flight

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Despite being a globetrotter, Bipasha Basu is an anxious flier, who recently chanted Gayatri Mantra almost three thousand times in order to get through her journey.

Bipasha Basu fears flying in small aircrafts, for its susceptibility to mid-air instability. On Wednesday, Bipasha, who was flying back to Mumbai from Diu after wrapping the shoot of Priyadarshan’s ‘Aakrosh’ boarded a small charted flight with Ajay Devgn and the rest of the cast and crew of the film.

Talking to a news daily about her scary flight, Bipasha said, "When AJ asked me to fly with him, I was reluctant. I have a fear of small flights and have avoided them for nine years. I didn`t want to take the normal flight as it takes more time so I said yes. Also, I didn`t want to sound like a freak when everyone else was being so brave."

"You have to crawl into the aircraft. But Ajay pacified me by saying that he, too, is claustrophobic and that I would feel better after some time if I relaxed. After we took off, we ran into rough weather and were thrown around in our seats like potatoes in a sack. I have been reading about plane crashes for a while now and panicked."

News has it that a panicked Bipasha kept chanting Gayatri Mantra to calm her frayed nerves. "It just popped into my mind. I think I must have chanted it at least 3000 times on that flight. Fortunately, the plane landed safely. I hate flying; especially in the monsoons when the weather gets choppy. Initially, Ajay and Reema were trying to scare me but when she saw how terrified I was, she asked Ajay to stop joking," Bipasha said.


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