‘Bossy’ Kelly Rowland needs a man who can handle her

London: Kelly Rowland has said that she is looking for love and wants a man who can handle her ‘bossy’ nature.

The X Factor judge revealed that she is so ‘drowned in work’ that she still hasn’t found her special someone.

“I haven’t even had time to look at a bloke recently. But it’s so much work that it’s just better to be drowned in work sometimes,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

“I like a nice guy who is respectful but I do like for them to have their own (life) because I have my own. I also like them to have goals, be funny, not to take themselves too seriously and for them to be close to their families,” she said.

The Destiny’s Child star admitted that not only is she bossy but also ‘high maintenance’.

“I don’t ask for much! I’m not lying — yes, I’m high maintenance,” Rowland said.

“I know I am a lot to take because I’m very bossy, very self-sufficient and a control freak,” she said.

“Who wants to digest that? I’m very smart and I hold great conversations so I want someone to be able to bounce off of that,” she added.


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