Boycott animal circuses, urges Malaika

New Delhi: Model-turned-actress Malaika Arora will be seen urging people to boycott animals circuses in a new PETA ad.

She will be seen in a form-fitting white macaw ensemble dress in the new People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) ad, which reads "Wild Birds Don`t Belong in the Circus. Boycott Animal Circuses."

"Robbing birds of flight, forcing them to live in tiny, filthy cages and tormenting them into performing silly tricks are acts of cruelty to animals. I ask all my fans to boycott circuses which use animals," she said in a press statement.

According to PETA, many birds are kept in filthy and unhealthy conditions, and their wings are clipped so that they cannot fly away. Macaws are confined to cages so small that they cannot stretch their wings or legs and medical care is rarely, if ever, provided.



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