BP bosses purchase Costner equipment to filter oil

London: Technology invented by Kevin Costner`s brother will be used to filter the leaked oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

British Petroleum bosses have purchased bought 32 filtration machines from the ‘Dances With Wolves’ star’s Costner Industries Nevada Corporation.

Testifying before the House Subcommittee on the Environment about his stainless-steel devices last week, Costner said that the deal would boost up the Costners.

"This is a technology that I believe has the potential to fight catastrophic oil spills... These will serve as the first line of defence in the oil spill clean up and recovery," The Daily Express quoted him as saying.

"Am I up here hawking my product? I guess... Don`t take mine, take somebody else`s because I`ve been to all these oil-response conventions... and all I see are boons and the latest helicopter, but I`ve never seen one machine that deals with getting the oil out. That`s me," he added.

Doug Suttles, Chief Operating Officer of BP lately agreed to test six of the Costner machines on the oil spill that has destroyed America`s Gulf Coast region since one of its rigs exploded in April.