Brad is a total pushover, says Angelina Jolie

London: Angelina Jolie has revealed that Brad Pitt is a complete ‘pushover’ when it comes to his girls, and gives them anything that they want.

However, the actress also admitted that she is the same with her sons and they know exactly how to get what they want from their mum.

“In our house, we’re split 50-50… The girls know that Daddy is the biggest pushover,” the Mirror quoted Jolie as telling The Chicago Sun Times.

“I will say, ‘Brad, you can’t just give the girls anything they want’. He will look at me, smile, and say, ‘I have no choice. My girls are perfect’

“Brad has called me on things too. He said, ‘Angie, you let the boys walk all over you’. The truth is I do. Boys can push a mum. Girls can’t,” she said.

Jolie puts it down to the gender dynamics in a household where the two actors raise three boys and three girls.

“Maybe that’s because women know women. We know little girls. I’ll say, ‘Girls, I know exactly what you’re doing. You’re working Daddy for that cookie’. Men can never say no,” she said.

“Brad shows my girls how a woman should be treated by a man,” she added.


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