Brad Pitt channelled Elvis Presley to voice for `Megamind` role

Washington: Brad Pitt channelled his inner Elvis Presley when he lent his voice to play the role of Metro Mind in the upcoming Dreamworks animation, ‘Megamind’, said the director of the film.

Pitt plays Metro Mind, a superhero propelled to battle it out against supervillian Megamind in the highly anticipated, highly satirical family flick.

And according to director Tom McGrath, Pitt channelled his inner Elvis to play the smooth and swanky role.

"When he approached this character, it was like playing off as Elvis Presley to `Metroman` Alice Cooper - Will (Ferrell`s) character. (Pitt) grabbed onto that, ran with it and played with it. He`s such a physical actor," Fox News quoted McGrath as saying.

And the director couldn’t help gushing about how cool Pitt really is.

"(Brad) is so cool, the coolest dude on the planet. Because so many people chase him, he would ride his motorcycle right into the recording studio... He`s so engaging, so funny," added McGrath.



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