Brad Pitt doesn`t feel safe without a gun

London: Actor Brad Pitt says he doesn`t feel safe unless he has a gun hidden somewhere in his house and feels owning a firearm is "in his DNA" as an American.

The 48-year-old said he is protective about his family and feels safe owning a weapon, reported Daily Mail.

"America is a country founded on guns. It`s in our DNA. It`s very strange but I feel better having a gun. I really do. I don`t feel safe, I don`t feel the house is completely safe, if I don`t have one hidden somewhere. That`s my thinking, right or wrong," Pitt said.

The actor also talked about out how he was exposed to guns from an early age but still turned out to be a responsible adult.

"I got my first BB gun when I was in nursery school. I got my first shotgun by first Grade (six years old), I had shot a handgun by third Grade (eight) and I grew up in a pretty sane environment," he said.