Brad Pitt`s `secret weapon` to land 2018 World Cup for US

London: In a bid to land the 2018 World Cup for America, Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt has plans to unleash a secret weapon against David Beckham and England.

The film star, one of the US bid ``ambassadors``, is pinning his hopes on a new breakthrough in technology for fans.

Silicon Valley software giant Cisco has unveiled a 128 pound handheld device that allows supporters to view instant replays of live action from as many as ten different camera angles.

The gizmo, FanVision, features three 4.5inch LCD screens and also allows users to switch to live TV coverage of the game they are watching in specially equipped stadia.

Brad has told his fellow US ambassadors, including former President Bill Clinton and actor Morgan Freeman, that FanVision will "revolutionise all sport".

"He believes it can clinch the American attempt to host the 2018 World Cup and blow Becks and ­England completely out of the water," the Daily Star quoted a pal as saying.

Brad``s pal insisted: "He and his fellow US ambassadors are well aware soccer is in the dark ages on this issue.

"But their pitch to Mr Blatter will be that technology plays a part in all other major US sports and will inevitably have to be adopted by soccer``s world authority."

But Brad and his team believe they are in with a shout thanks to FanVision.

A Cisco insider said: "Soccer is the only US sport in which refereeing decisions cannot be reversed by technology.

"FanVision will give fans a very clear view of ``wrong`` calls made by refs.

"I believe the US ­presenting team will sell the idea to FIFA that the game can`t hold out much longer against ­ technology - and FanVision is a great reason to get the ball rolling," insider added.