Brad Pitt says his shelf life as actor will be over soon

Melbourne: As his 48th birthday approaches, Pitt feels that he may no longer be the first guy to be picked for roles and he might have to hang his boots pretty soon.

“We have a shelf life, no question. And mine’s coming. But there’s a few more things I wanna do before my shelf life expires,” quoted the actor as saying.

“I wanna get to play the grumpy old man who swears,” he said.

The ‘Moneyball’ star said that that he will not prolong his time in the business as his mate George Clooney has done by turning to directing.

“I have no aspirations whatsoever.

“I would make a good movie, but it would take me three years of agonizing and pain and sweat, and I wouldn’t see my family.

“It wouldn’t be healthy for me. I’ve seen the worst and I would beat them all.

“A film is a big commitment as far as your time, your life.

“You get to do one, maybe two a year. A film, it’s a month of pre-production, and if it’s a lead (role) anywhere from three to six months, then you’ve got post and here we are now (promoting the film) ... it’s a big commitment.

“I’ve found it’s gotta mean something to me or what’s the point? You’ve only got so much time ... I don’t know how much time I have left and I just want it to matter,” he added.


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