Bradley Cooper eats ``more than anyone``

Washington: Bradley Cooper has admitted that he eats “more than anyone” he knows.

The 36-year-old actor hated preparing for his role in ‘The A-Team’ because he was required to cut down on his food intake.

“For ‘The A-Tam’ I had to get in crazy shape that I never thought I’d have the discipline to, nor would my body ever look like that, and I had the worst time doing it,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

“I can eat - I eat a tremendous amount of food. I eat more than anyone I’ve ever met except for one person. And a lot of people say they eat a lot. I eat so much food that if I didn’t work out I’d be massive,” he added.

The actor who is rumoured to be dating Jennifer Lopez said he wouldn’t want to date anyone who can match him in his eating capabilities.

“They’d better not each that much. I mean, they’ll have to sit and watch me eat a lot,” he added.


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