Bradley Cooper fell into bad company as a teen

London: Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper has said he fell into bad company as a teenager in a bid to find "self-worth".

The `Hangover` star, 38, was caught between his good self and temptation to hang out with older kids during his teenage years, which let him to do some "stupid" things when he was growing up, reported GQ magazine.

"There was always this duality with me. On one hand, my father use to call me Two Shoes, because I was always the goodie-two-shoes.

"Then puberty hit and I fell in with a bad crowd and I seemed to find a sense of self-worth by hanging out with these older kids and doing whatever these older kids thought was cool. From the age of 12 I did a lot of stupid stuff," said Cooper.

One of the incidents which took place was being caught drinking underage at 15, which postponed him from being able to get his driving license.

"What a drag, man. It meant I couldn`t get my driving license until I was 17 - talk about a buzzkill with the ladies. Imagine all your buddies are driving around, picking up their women, and there`s little old me having to wait for a lift from my mom. Or saying to some girl, `Hey, you want to get a train ride? It`s romantic!`"