Bradley Cooper in `Man of Steel`?

Los Angeles: `Hangover` star Bradley Cooper is reportedly set to make a cameo as Superman`s archenemy Luthor in `Man of Steel`.

General Zod won`t be the only Superman`s nemesis in the film and Cooper, 36, will be the youngest actor to play the supervillain, who was previously made famous by such senior actors as Gene Hackman in 1978`s `Superman` and Kevin Spacey in 2006`s `Superman Returns`, reported Ace Showbiz.

This is not the first time that Cooper has been part of a to superhero-genre movies. He was previously eyed to star in both `Green Lantern` and `The Flash`.

Henry Cavill plays the the titular part. The film also stars Amy Adams, who will play Lois Lane, Russell Crowe and Ayelet Zorer, will play Superman`s Kryptonian parents and Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, will portray his adoptive parents.

`Man of Steel` is slated for a June 14, 2013 release in theaters across the United States.