Brand ‘fights off women’ at Richard Branson’s pre-Wimbledon party

Updated: Jun 20, 2010, 17:50 PM IST

London: English comedian Russell Brand reportedly struggled to fight off female attention at Richard Branson`s recent pre-Wimbledon party, when a reported 38 women approached him.

Brand, who is currently engaged to singer Katy Perry, allegedly had to call security after he and friend Jonathan Ross found themselves unable to handle the situation themselves.

The 35-year-old comedian was mobbed by one girl after another in 25 minutes as he walked across the bar.

As two brunettes gave their mobile numbers to Brand on napkins, another screamed, “I love you, Russell.”

Brand moved on but he was stopped by five voluptuous women who asked him for photos, reports The Mirror.

But he acted only when a weird-haired woman tried to jump on his back, shouting, “You’re amazing, Russell”.

Security then took the star away to safety.

“It’s all a bit much,” Brand said.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. But Katy’s got nothing to worry about. She’s the only one on my mind and it’s now all about our wedding,” he added.