Brand insists he didn’t gift tiger to wife Perry

London: Comedian Russell Brand, who recently married singer Katy Perry, has dismissed rumor that he gave his wife a tiger as wedding gift.

The stand up champion gave his first interview since marrying Perry and insisted that it was a ‘normal’ wedding.

“Everyone gets all worked up about showbiz and celebrity, but other than the bit where you’re on the telly or you’re singing a song, it’s normal. It’s just a normal marriage,” a news daily quoted him as telling in an interview on ITV.

On being asked whether he did actually give Katy a tiger as a gift, Russell said, “I’m a vegetarian, you don’t give people tigers, it’s stupid, it’s dangerous, and the tigers don’t like it.”

In the lighter moments during interview, Russell also admitted that it’s just been a month of their marriage but Katy is already dominant.

“The other day, I put a shirt on and she went, "You’re not wearing that shirt are you?” he jokingly said.
Russell can soon be seen alongside Helen Mirren in comedy ‘Arthur’, as well as voicing the Easter Bunny in upcoming animated movie ‘Hop’.