Brangelina donate $340,000 to war-torn Somalia

London: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who are known for their humanitarian efforts, recently donated a sum of 340,000 dollars for the health care of children who have been left homeless in war hit Somalia.

In her role with the UN, Jolie, 36, has met with many refugees who have escaped the horror, and has kept the situation close to her heart.

Their money went to the Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid, which will use the money to help the people at their camp in the battle to survive the famine, which has already taken the lives of around 29000 children.

“Badbaado camp, in Mogadishu, serves around 300 women and children each day,” the Daily Mail quoted Mohamed Dahir, an official of the relief group as saying

He added that the donation from the Hollywood stars’ Jolie-Pitt Foundation will help his group battle to save lives.


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