Branson ‘ran stark naked into cactus bush to save mum, Winslet from blaze’

London: British business tycoon Richard Branson has revealed that he ran naked into a cactus bush while racing towards his blazing Caribbean mansion to save his mother and some 20 guests including actress Kate Winslet.

The 61-year-old Virgin boss and his son Sam were sleeping in a villa near the mansion when the fire alarm was raised.

“We were about 100 yards away from the Great House,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

“I heard banging on my window, looked across and there were 200ft flames.

“We just ran stark naked towards the house and I went straight into a cactus bush. My son ran on. Fortunately people had woken up inside,” he said.

The 20 guests, including Winslet, all of whom escaped unharmed from Branson``s private Necker Island, were cheered up due to Branson’s close encounter with the cactus.

“There were lots of giggles, not least when I tried to get some sympathy for the fact that I’d jumped out of bed naked in pitch darkness and hurricane force winds and ran straight in to a cactus bush.

“Sympathy was not forthcoming for my injuries!

“Fortunately, the most important parts were OK,” he added.


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