Bret Michaels to replace Simon Cowell in ‘American Idol’?

London: Poison singer Bret Michaels may replace Simon Cowell in the next edition of American Idol.

The rocker is currently recuperating from a brain haemorrhage and a recent stroke.

He impressed both fans and judges when he took to the stage on the reality show, disregarding doctor’s advice, for a rendition of ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’ with finalist Casey James.

"Actually, he`d be good. He`s funny. He`s got experience. He`d be a good choice - and you saw the audience reaction to him. They love him," the Daily Express quoted Cowell, as saying.

Michaels hopes to occupy the judge’s chair next year.

He said: "I`m sorry he (Cowell) has to go but sometimes things happen. Provided my health holds up, I think I`m taking that chair next year!"