Brett Lee tries to woo desi girl Deepika

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Cricketers do have a weakness for Bollywood women. At a recent bash thrown by Shah Rukh Khan on Monday, Australian speedster Brett Lee tried all possible things to woo Deepika Padukone, leaving the desi kudi blushing.

Dips, who was in a jumpsuit, set the temperature soaring severely. And Lee could do the least to stop himself from getting turned on!

Narrating what Lee did to flirt with the dimpled hottie, an eyewitness revealed, “Dippy was in a summery jumpsuit and made a lot of heads turn.”

The handsome cricketer was smitten by the dusky beauty and kept singing songs for her and literally leaving her terribly embarrassed. All DP could do was to smile. But to make his guest feel easy, SRK, a thorough gentleman that he is, made Deepika feel comfortable by standing by her side.

“Lee seemed besotted by the actress. Throughout the night, he kept singing songs for Deepika. She kept smiling but at the same time seemed embarrassed by the attention. On noticing this, host SRK came by her side to make her feel comfortable,” the eyewitness added.

Siddharth Mallya better watch out. Lee knows how to bowl out maidens!!!