Brian McFadden `won’t stoop as low as ex Delta Goodrem` by suing her

Updated: Jun 06, 2012, 17:31 PM IST

Melbourne: Brian McFadden has said that he won’t sue his former fiancé Delta Goodrem but he doesn’t have anything nice to say about her either.

The former lovers, who were together for seven years, are believed to have signed a confidentiality agreement after splitting last year.

But it seems the Westlife singer has had enough of Goodrem’s recent revelations about their time together.

Goodrem, 27, had hinted at trouble in an interview in this month’s Vogue magazine but on ‘60 Minutes’ on Sunday she was quite blunt, reported.

“Do I wish that it ended earlier? Yes. Do I wish I had the courage to leave earlier? Yes, I do. I think what we came to is that we were very different people - extremely different people,” she said.

McFadden was said to be considering his legal options but he later tweeted that he will do any such thing.

“I’m not considering legal action. I also wouldn’t stoop as low as her. If I did it would change everything. But I’m happy!” he wrote.