British Royal family a great source of comedy: Rowan Atkinson

London: `Mr Bean` star Rowan Atkinson considers the British royal family to be a great source of inspiration and comedy.

The 56-year-old comedian, who is a friend of Prince Charles - insists his love of making fun of the monarchy is born out of love and respect for them, but he wouldn`t ever want his work to be seen as "discrediting" them, reported Contactmusic.

"In `Mr Bean` there was a `thing` at the time about nutting the Queen Mother. We`ve inflicted violence on members of the royal family on a regular basis so it seems silly to stop now.

"But it`s undoubtedly born out of love and respect and wanting them to carry on. The last thing I would wish is for it to discredit the British establishment or the monarchy because I need it there as a source of inspiration and as a source of comedy," he said.

But Atkinson said that he is slightly concerned about a scene in his forthcoming comedy movie `Johnny English Reborn`, in which he plays a flawed secret agent, that sees his alter-ego knock the queen to the ground after mistaking her for an assassin.

"Yes, I`m slightly concerned about that scene. It was a last-minute addition because we didn`t have an ending and we thought that this was as good an idea as any but, you know, I`ve been making jokes about the Queen for 30 years," he said.


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