Britney needs to seek permission from dad to get married

Washington: Despite being 30 years old and worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Britney Spears will need to seek her dad’s permission to tie the knot otherwise her marriage to boyfriend Jason Trawick will be legally treated as ‘null and void’.

Ever since her public meltdown in 2008, Spears has been under conservatorship, in which her father Jamie and attorney Andrew Wallet control almost every aspect of her personal and professional life, including how much money she can access, where she lives, and whether or not she can tie the knot, Fox News reported.

According to the judgment, Jamie is the one who makes all the financial, medical and career decisions on his star daughter’s behalf.

“Britney can do anything she wants under the conservatorship, but that doesn``t make it legal,” said Beverly Hills-based Divorce Attorney Mark McBride.

“If she did get married without her dad’s permission, it would be a legal nullity, as in null and void – as in an illegal marriage.”

“She would first have to get dad Jamie’s permission. In the face of a ‘no’ from Dad, she would then have to ask a court to override her dad’s decision, which almost surely wouldn’t happen,” McBride added.


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