Britney Spears` mum working as a skincare saleswoman!

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2011, 18:05 PM IST

Washington: Britney Spears`` mother Lynne has reportedly taken a job as a skincare saleswoman.

In her new job, Lynne will call up everyone she knows and set up appointments in an effort to hock everything from anti-age eyeclothes, to vitamin D supplements and even a 160 dollars anti-sun damage kit, reports TMZ.

Lynne will get a commission from every sale she makes.

A rep for R.F.D. said that Lynne joined the team earlier this month and insists the company is "delighted" to have her.

Lynne told company honchos she joined up because, "My best friend, who is also a consultant brought me on board. I love the team I am working with and am excited about building my new business”.