Brooke Shields reveals how she dodged becoming tragic child star

London: Brooke Shields, who launched to fame as a child star in the controversial 1978 film `Pretty Baby` at the age of 12, has opened up about the difficulties of being a child star.

The former child star revealed about being invited to nightclubs at an early age and how she was able to avoid falling into bad habits in the latest issue of Haute Living magazine, the Daily Mail reported.

She said that she would get invited to Studio 54, but she``d leave before all the craziness and drugs happened.

While still a teen, Brooke famously bared her midriff in a sexy 1980 Calvin Klein advert.

Though many critics chastised her mother Teri for doing such provocative roles, Brooke maintains that she was too innocent to understand the magnitude of her career.

The former model also talked about how motherhood changed her body image since her days of high-fashion modelling.

“Since I`ve had kids, my body has had a purpose rather just needing to look fit or pretty,” she said.