Bullock nearly gave away baby news at Oscars

Updated: Apr 30, 2010, 18:13 PM IST

London: Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock almost spilled the beans about having adopted a baby during the Oscar ceremony – the socks of her newly adopted baby kept slipping out of her purse.

Bullock had adopted Louis from New Orleans in January this year. But she wanted to keep Louis a secret until the end of the Oscars ceremony, reports The Daily Star.

"I don`t know how we got away with it. We only told a handful of family and friends. I was being followed by photographers every day during awards season, so anything we did with Louis had to be pre-planned like a CIA mission,” Bullock told People.com.

“Just the doctors` visits were filled with decoys and dark cars. I never thought anyone we shared the info with would tell anyone, and they didn`t," she added.

The 45-year-old actress finally introduced her son to the world with a photo shoot in People magazine. Bullock admitted that she had almost let the news out during the Oscars.

"In my purse, all I brought was a picture of my mom and dad at their wedding, pictures of the kids and a little lime-green sock of Louis` that kept falling out. No one figured it out when they would pick it up and hand it back to me," Bullock told People magazine.