Cameron Diaz has nothing to prove in Hollywood

London: Hollywood star Cameron Diaz insists that she has nothing to prove as an actress after being successful in the movie industry for 16 years.

The 37-year-old actress, who first shot to fame in 1994 playing Tina Carlyle in `The Mask` opposite Jim Carrey, is confident about her on-screen abilities because she has always made her own career choices, reported a news website.

"I don`t feel like I need to prove anything to anybody. When you start out and people identify with you they want to keep you how they remembered you the first time they fell in love with you.

"It`s like a relationship. But that doesn`t concern me as I`ve always tried to be true to myself and move at a pace that was right for me," said the actress.

Diaz has starred in a wide variety of films, including `A Holiday`, `Charlie`s Angels` and `My Sister`s Keeper` - in which the actress played a mother who had to watch her daughter battle cancer.

The blonde actress admitted her role in `My Sister`s Keeper` was one of her most challenging, but the director Nick Cassavetes was a great help on set.

"Nick was such a great support. He really helped to guide me towards what was happening because he`s been through that experience himself, with his daughter having a congenital heart disease for the last 20 years. This material touched me, absolutely," said Diaz.



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