Cameron Diaz loves her adventurous job

London: Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz loves acting because it gives her the chance to reinvent herself and play different characters onscreen.

The 37-year-old star compares acting to "adventure, Contactmusic reported.

"You know what`s great about this job? You can be bald for a day. You can have a partner for a day. You can hang off the back of a motorcycle for a day. I love that, through my films, I can be someone other than me for a period of time.

Who wouldn`t want to have that kind of adventure in life," Diaz said.

`The Knight And Day` star is also thrilled to have had the chance to reunite with actor Tom Cruise for their upcoming movie `Knight and Day`. They were last seen in 2001 romantic film `Vanilla Sky`.

"That was a great movie, but pretty serious stuff. I was so excited to work with Tom again because I knew this would be a whole new world for us together. We could crack a
smile, drive really fast and then run while things were blowing up," she said.

`Knight and Day" is due for release in UK cinemas on July 2.