Cameron Diaz makes fun of herself to put others at ease

Updated: Jun 01, 2010, 15:39 PM IST

London: Actress Cameron Diaz says she makes fun of herself to make sure that people are not intimidated by her celebrity status.

The 37-year-old star admits that she often relies on her goofy antics to make sure her new acquaintances aren`t ‘scared’ of her.

"Hey, I love to make people laugh. That`s the way I`ve always made myself comfortable around other people and how I make people feel comfortable about me,” the Daily Express quoted her as telling Vogue magazine.

“Because the truth is I am famous, and some people are intimidated by that. I`ve honed this skill very well over the years. I make fun of myself first. So people don`t have to worry about being scared of me.

"I don`t want to say I dumb down, because I don`t think I`m an idiot: it`s about keeping it simple. And it`s about manners. Because it`s hard to go deep with people straight away," she added.