Campbell accused of lying about ex-manager’s profits in perfume dispute

New York: Cosmetic company Moodform Mission has accused Naomi Campbell of lying about her ex-manager cashing in on her line of fragrances.

The company sued the hot-tempered supermodel last year, charging that she sliced the company out of the profits on products that included the perfumes "Cat Deluxe With Kisses" and "Naomi", reports the New York Daily News.

In court papers filed this week, the company said Campbell should be prosecuted for perjuring herself when she said under oath she had no clue that former manager Carole White was receiving a share of perfume royalties.

Moodform Mission says Campbell engaged in a "desperate and unscrupulous" effort to keep her own "frivolous" claims from being dismissed.

White this year contradicted Campbell’s testimony before the war-crimes tribunal for Liberian president Charles Taylor, saying the strongman promised to give her precious stones.

Campbell has denied knowing who gave her the so-called blood diamonds.