Carrie Underwood not ready for kids

Updated: Jul 31, 2010, 13:07 PM IST

Los Angeles: Newlywed country singer Carrie Underwood says that she and husband Mike Fisher are too busy to start a family.

Underwood, who recently wed the hockey player, does plan to have babies, but not in the near future, People magazine reported.

"We obviously want kids, but that`s down the road. Now is not the time, especially with our busy schedules, everything we`ve got going on. We don`t know exactly when, but definitely we will," Underwood said.

Fisher also described married life as "awesome", admitting he couldn`t be happier.

When asked how life as a newlywed is going, he replied, "It`s awesome. I`m with my best friend and I love her to death. There`s nothing better, for sure."

Speaking about their wedding day, the 30-year-old sport star said it passed in a "blur" but he and the 27-year-old singer were thrilled with their big day, which took place in Georgia in front of 230 guests.

"The whole weekend is almost like a blur. The ceremony was really nice, the pastor did a great job, the reception was a lot of fun. Just to have everyone close to us around was a big deal. A wedding`s not nearly as much fun without those close family and friends with you," Fisher said.

"We tried to get as many people as we could. The thing was, we didn`t want it to be too huge and not be able to see everyone, either," he added.