Catherine Zeta-Jones nervous around Bono

London: ‘Chicago’ star Catherine Zeta-Jones still gets star struck by singer Bono, even though she has known the U2 frontman for years.

The 42-year-old Welsh beauty knew the `One` singer and his band before they got famous in the 80s, but she still gets excited by Bono`s stardom when they see one another, reported OK magazine.

"I remember seeing U2 when they were just an Irish band before they made it big and it blows my mind that Bono says, `Hi Catherine, how are you doing?` I`m like, `Oh my God, it`s Bono`," she said.

The actress has children Dylan, 11, and Carys, seven, with husband Michael Douglas, and she admits she has to pull herself together when she takes them to Bono`s house at Halloween.

"I can clearly remember going trick or treating with my kids to Bono`s house, I had to be really grown up and get it together," she added.

The actress embarked on a pop career of her own in the early 90s, releasing several singles but she has no plans to resurrect her pop career.

"It`ll go down historically and there`s going to be a movie made out of that era too. It was a world that was just fascinating to me but I definitely prefer acting," she said.


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