Celebs raking in the moolah from product-endorsement tweets

London: Celebrities on twitter are being paid big bucks to endorse brands and their products in their twitter posts.

Khloe Kardashian is reported to be worth 8000 dollars per tweet, while Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan are valued at 9500 dollars and 3500 dollars respectively.

In March, when Charlie Sheen tweeted for Interships.com, the site got more than 95,000 clicks within an hour, the Daily Mail reports.

Khloe Kardashian had tweeted ``Want to know how Old Navy makes your butt look scary good? Ask a Kardashian’, while her husband Lakers player Lamar Odom had tweeted ``My man Jay-Z...only rapper to rewrite history without a pen. Until now. Check out Jay’s new book Decoded on Bing.’

However, attention on twitter is short-lived and there is no guarantee as to how many of their followers will actually go ahead and buy the products endorsed.

Advertisers though, would still bet on celeb tweets because they are cheaper than traditional marketing and most TV viewers now digitally record their shows to avoid the commercials in between.


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