Changing diapers keeps me grounded: Beyonce Knowles

London: R&B star Beyonce says changing diapers of her one-year-old daughter Blue Ivy keeps her grounded.

"I feel this is temporary and my public life when I`m performing on stage is just a few hours of the day. The rest of the day I`m with my family, I`m changing diapers and I`m with my mother who reminds me, `Girl, you`re not a queen`. So it`s good to have the balance.

"Balancing is something I am struggling with, but I am trying to smell the roses and make sure I don`t work so hard that I don`t enjoy the blessings that are around me every day," she said.

The singer admits that she initially found it challenging to juggle her career and motherhood, reported Digital Spy.
"That was something I struggled with - making sure I was still this strong woman and also making time for my child and balancing the two," she added.