Channing Tatum credits attractive parents for his good looks

Washington: Channing Tatum has revealed that he thinks his good looks are down to the “genetic lottery” of having attractive parents.

The ‘Step Up’ star, who worked as a model and a stripper before embarking on a movie career, insists that he doesn’t make career decisions to try and detract away from his looks and be taken seriously as an actor, but actually sees what makes a good story.

“I won a genetic lottery, my parents are very good-looking people and so... But no, don’t make decisions on how people see you, just do f***ing good stories and characters,” a website has quoted him as telling a magazine.

“Don’t do them because you think they’re smart or because they counteract some other things you’ve played. If I tried to do something for my career and it didn’t work out, that would feel more empty and more like I made a mistake,” he added.


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