Channing Tatum feels horrible staying away from daughter

London: `G I Joe` star Channing Tatum says he feels horrible even thinking of being away from his daughter.

Tatum, 33, is currently busy shooting for his upcoming movie `Jupiter Ascending` in London, and said he misses his three-week-old daughter Everly and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum while working, reported Contactmusic.

"I`m away from her for 12 to 13 hours a day and I feel like I come home and I feel like she`s changed - like her face looks different. You feel like every minute that you miss is horrible," said Tatum.

The actor welcomed his daughter while he was working on `White House Down`.

"Jenna Dewan-Tatum and I weren`t pregnant then, but we conceived on that movie. So it`s kinda crazy that I had a daughter on the movie... And now we just had our own little, cutest, most amazing thing ever," said Tatum.

On being asked about Jenna`s response to motherhood, Tatum said "She`s good, she`s really good. Tired, you know ... just taking care of the baby on those first months is hard."